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Early Access to our Academy Graduates

We’ve partnered with current industry rockstars to teach career-oriented, immersive courses on topics in web/mobile technology, digital marketing, and sales in something we call the Academy.

We want our Academy students to graduate with real-world skills and training. As a Works Partner, you will have the opportunity to provide that by coming on campus to share your own challenges with students and see what solutions they have. When the course is complete, we invite all our Works Partners in for a career fair with our freshly minted graduates for both career and apprenticeship opportunities.

Academy Students

Priority Access to our Startup Crawl Career Fair

We host an event called Startup Crawl, that puts talented college grads and job seekers in the same room as the startup / tech community to learn the industry, create beneficial connections and discover what the Baltimore tech community has to offer.

Our Works Partners get priority access to host a table at the event.


Broadcast Your Openings to Our Community

Our Works Partners are allowed to broadcast select job openings to not just our Academy grads, but also our entire Betamore community.

We will also actively seek candidates that fit your choice criteria.

Job Listings

"One of the most important and hardest things to evaluate when considering a candidate is how quickly they can learn. Students who have gone through the Betamore Academy and have a firm understanding of web development by the end have proven they can pick up new things on the job and keep up with the latest tools and technology."

− Paul Barry, CTO of OrderUp at Groupon

"It really is about finding people who posses the right skills and attitude. I believe Betamore Works aims to prepare students to become attractive candidates for startups like Woofound. Part of that is because their Academy is constructed by people who deeply understand the needs of the community and know how to fill them."

− Joshua Spears, Woofound

"Beta City helped us with achieve our goals of recruiting in new talent and getting our name out more within the community. A web developer saw our booth, learned a bit about us, and just recently applied for our open position. Good news - he started today!"

− Kerry Nagle, COO of StraighterLine

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