Trajectory Next is a 12-week post-accelerator program for digital health, bio-health, and life sciences startups.

Trajectory Next is designed to work with startups who have exited an accelerator or similar program. The 12-week program, which recently received funding through the TEDCO Incubation Challenge, will offer support, guidance, and access to the combined networks of JHTV, Betamore, and UM Ventures through their respective universities and affiliations.


What’s Different about Trajectory Next

The resources and connections will be unlike ordinary accelerators because this is a partnership that blends the strengths of top universities, venture, and entrepreneurship organizations in Maryland.

Trajectory Next advisors will meet with each selected startup to assess their strategic plan, evaluate and define their biggest obstacles over the program’s time frame and set up corresponding benchmarks to measure their progress. Trajectory Next recognizes that this program must be tailored to the needs of each startup, and action plans may look different for each team. Additionally, these advisors will broker introductions to key connections in Maryland and beyond throughout the program to foster growth and ensure the startup’s viability following their exit from Trajectory Next.

Startups selected for the Trajectory Next program will receive customized services and training around the building of sales channels, facilitating pilot programs, restructuring product management, legal support, user research, market development, and recruiting.

Key Collaborators

The Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures
Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures (JHTV) is the Johns Hopkins University’s intellectual property administration center, serving Johns Hopkins researchers and inventors as a licensing, patent and technology commercialization office and acting as an active liaison to parties interested in leveraging university research or materials for academic or corporate endeavors. JHTV helps develop new discoveries and inventions into products and services that benefit society and transform the world. In 2016, JHTV secured more than $58 million in licensing revenue, possessed more than 2,454 active issued patents and created 22 new startup companies.

Betamore was co-founded in 2012 by Greg Cangialosi, Mike Brenner, and Sean Lane. Their collective vision was to help to develop Baltimore into a global hub for entrepreneurship and education for the 21st century. Betamore was originally formed as a for-profit entity, but in January 2015 it became a 501(c)(3) by merging with the former Greater Baltimore Technology Council. Through initial founding partnership grants by the Abell Foundation, France-Merrick Foundation, T-Rowe Price Foundation & the Maryland Department of Commerce, Betamore serves its members, local communities, Baltimore and beyond.

UM Ventures
UM Ventures is a joint initiative of the MPowering the State Program, bringing the University of Maryland, Baltimore and the University of Maryland, College Park together to commercialize discoveries, and create economic impact by engaging partners in industry and social ventures. By encouraging students and faculty, providing expert advice and business services, more discoveries will reach the market. By engaging directly with external partners, UM Ventures brings new investment, expanded markets and more startup ventures.