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September 15, 2016

Will Your Personal Brand Sell Your Pitch?

By: Michelle Golding, Stylist

Style is not something you are born with and whether you are in technology, finance, a lawyer or artist, you have spent years honing your skills. Think of a personal brand as the package for those well honed skills. Knowing image is an unspoken language that speaks volumes, before you kick off the first line of your pitch is a powerful tool. We are all a brand, how we develop our personal brand will determine our success both in business and in life! Your image tells the world how you see yourself, how to receive you, and ultimately how to reward you.

Menswear Inspiration

Photo Source:

Photo Source:



Fit and details are the most important part of Menswear. It is critical that collars fit exact, if they are loose a necktie will never sit right. Sleeve cuffs need to have a 1/2″ exposure from your jacket sleeve. This classic grey suit with a pattern shirt and tweed tie will close any deal!














Photo Source:

Photo Source:

Details make the man. On the left a conservative Brand and less of a risk taker. The Brand on right is very sure and rule breaker! Socks are the details to step-out with and give your Brand a voice. Paul Smith socks are perfect!

You can get this look at Nordstrom.








The subtle pattern mix will look great with every pant from denim to navy slacks. This look gives your Brand an edge that is confident but understated! See links to get the look!


All at Banana Republic:

Shirt- Moonless Night
Suit Jacket
Patterned Tie





M24 Watch, Bergdorf Goodman



Watches are like cars, they create a conversation and that could be just what you need to launch your next business venture.








Womenswear Inspiration

Gray Sheath Dress

Photo Source:

A classic sheath dress will take you everywhere from a pitch to the boardroom and on to a fundraiser. Whether you add a jacket or cardigan you will always be ready for the next step in your business plan! See links to get the look.

Check out these options from J. Crew:

Résumé dress
Campbell Blazer (Beautiful in a darker grey than the dress)




Add a winning color to your step and walk away with funding for your next big idea!







Photo Source:


Give a classic skirt edge with a waxed finish. Add this stripe shirt or dot and give a stand out performance on your next negotiation! See the links for the look.

Check out these options sourced from J-Crew:

Faux-leather pleated mini skirt

Tuxedo ruffle top blouse (This dot blouse is perfect with this skirt or a suit)





Photo Source:

Photo Source:


Command the room with this look when you deliver your winning pitch! See the links for the look.

Cropped wool pants from J. Crew

And a dot print tie-blouse from Banana Republic









color block pumps

Photo Source: J. Crew


This rich color will look great with all your neutral, add them to this crop pant and captivate your audience! See the link for the look.

Get these Lucite suede heels from J. Crew





If you are interested in receiving personal style advice and tips, please don’t hesitate to contact Michelle at:

You can see more of Michelle’s inspiration on her website + blog.

Hope to see you looking sharp at Beta City on September 29!


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