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June 9, 2016

Welcome, Tim!

Who are you?
I am Tim Palmieri and I’m currently a rising junior at Loyola Blakefield High-School. I play lacrosse, manage the volleyball team, and love going to the beach in the summer. I am extremely interested in studying business in college, and more specifically entrepreneurship. I want to study entrepreneurship in order to learn more about the excitement and obstacles early-stage companies experience every day. I find it fascinating that an entrepreneur completely controls his/her company from the kind of soap in the bathrooms, to the next pivotal step in the process to increase revenue the following quarter. I am also attending the NSLC Business and Entrepreneurship program this July at Yale University. Throughout these nine days at Yale, I will partake in hands-on simulations of startups, and be able to dive further into the operations of an early-stage company and the world of entrepreneurship.

What Are You Doing Here?
I am interning at Betamore this summer in order to get a better grasp on the different operations that happen in a startup incubator. I am also curious on how different early-stage companies interact with each other on a daily basis, while sharing the same office space. During my time here at Betamore, I want to explore the different things that are possible through innovation, hard work, and determination. I also hope to attend some of the workshops the academy offers in pursuit of a couple of new skills that I could one day apply to my very own company. I can’t wait to see the skill-sets I will leave Betamore with, and what cool projects I can say that I was apart of.

Just for Fun
Pancakes or waffles? Either. As long as there’s syrup.
Sarcasm or seriousness? Sarcasm.
Sneakers or flip-flops? Sneakers.
Morning or night person? Night.
Winter or summer? Summer.
Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate.


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