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June 13, 2016

Welcome, Grant!

Who Are You?

I am Grant Emry and I will be attending Gilman School next year for my sophomore year of high school. One of my favorite courses freshman year was an Intro to Robotics course that I took as my elective. I competed at the Maryland Institute of Technology during this time and look forward to returning next year to compete again. However, I have left my summer “robotics free” to explore my other interests. Along with Betamore, I will also be interning for a week at City Garage. I intend to use my short time at these places to help myself see where I would like to be, and what I would like to be doing in the future. But don’t worry, I’ve left myself plenty of time this summer to have fun and vacation with my family.


What Are You Doing Here? 

I first discovered Betamore at Light City. I found myself at Light City with the purpose of watching my father, Deric Emry, speak on the “Incubator as Influencer” panel; however I was entranced by the various speakers and ended up staying much longer than intended. The whole idea of entrepreneurship and business incubators seemed very intriguing to me; so I immediately jumped at the idea to intern at Betamore and experience this new environment. While only here for a short time, I hope to learn more about the day-to-day operations and discover if I could see myself working at a place like Betamore in the future. I also hope to learn a few skills from the Academy here and make some connections to carry with me where ever I do end up.


Just For Fun

pancakes or waffles? waffles, but only if there is whipped cream involved.

sarcasm or seriousness? Sarcasm

Twitter or Instagram? Instagram

sneakers or flip flops? flip flops

morning or night? night

summer or winter? summer


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