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November 15, 2016

Welcome, Davis

Who are you?

Hi, I am Davis Booth and I am now a senior at The Gilman School, my final year of a twelve year journey. I am interested in a wide variety of subjects spanning the academic, extracurricular, and athletic aspects of life. Academically, I am very much so intrigued by two disciplines: computer science and entrepreneurship. I have pursued both avidly, taking an AP Computer Science course during my junior year and attending a summer program at Duke University meant to deepen my understanding of entrepreneurship and key business principles. Extracurricularly, I am affiliated with a number of clubs at Gilman, including Informal Debate Club, The Gilman News, and Cultural Practices Club. Athletically, I play two sports: basketball and golf (if you consider golf a sport). Currently, I am in the midst of the very stressful process of applying to college. For you underclassmen out there, I have to admit that it is just as bad as they say it is; start early. In the future, and as a treat to myself, I hope to finally find some time to catch up on an increasingly long list of movies that I am yet to watch, as I continue to lose touch with the pop culture that is so prevalent in today’s society.

What Are You Doing Here?

Honestly, I am surprised I did not stumble upon Betamore earlier in my life. It seems to me that Betamore perfectly fuses both of my burning passions: technology and entrepreneurship. I am super excited to continue to learn more about both fields and I am so thankful that I found a place where I can delve deeper into both, simultaneously. I am excited to see what it takes to keep a startup like Betamore above water, while watching other startups do the same. I hope I can help in any way possible and I hope to take every opportunity available to me to learn about both entrepreneurship and technology.

Just For Fun

Pancakes or waffles?

  • Pancakes. No question, no debate, non-negotiable, end of story.

Sarcasm or seriousness?

  • Depends on what side of the bed I wake up on.

Sneakers or flip-flops?

  • Sneakers. Flip-flops provide a higher probability of stubbing toes and I hate stubbing my toes.

Morning or Night person?

  • Depends on what you consider night and morning. I am a 2/3 AM kind of person.

Winter or summer?

  • Summer. Schoolwork and coldness = misery.

Chocolate or Vanilla?

  • Coffee.

What do you do when you are happy?

  • Drive on the little-known country roads in Baltimore County

What do you do when you are angry?

  • Hands down best way to take out anger: Wii Boxing.


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