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January 19, 2015

Using Twitter to Level the Playing Field

Is being bad at Twitter hurting your business?

Maybe not, but it’s certainly not helping. In the age of social media, missing out on one of the biggest online platforms is like ignoring television ads fifty years ago because your business is doing well with telegraphs. 

For me the most exciting thing about social media, especially Twitter, is that it’s a democratizing force. A big portion of the Betamore community is made up of freelancers and small businesses – which have always struggled to compete with larger businesses when it comes to marketing. The great thing about social is, except for a blue dot next to the name, an individual’s Twitter account can be just as important as a giant company’s account! Sure the giant company might have a budget for photographers and film crews but there are plenty of people generating content with just a smartphone that have more extensive and engaged followings than many well-funded companies.

So don’t let the big boys have this one too! Social media is one of the great areas to compete in 2015. It’s still new enough that there is enormous opportunity  – when it comes to traditional advertising, even more modern advertising like PPC on Google, the markets are pretty damn efficient. Social media is still so new that there are all kinds of opportunities to get cheap ads and do things for free with massive success.

As someone just establishing myself as a freelancer, I’ve been able to talk with major media figures, marketing experts and international businesspeople all because of Twitter. There’s NO WAY I would have been able to accomplish all this even 15 years ago.  I’ve just started helping a Russian startup based in Moscow run their social media to reach a Western audience, all because their CMO found my Twitter account.  It certainly wasn’t easy for me to build a Twitter account with strong content and a wide following, but all it took was my time and dedication.

Don’t miss out on a level playing field – I am sure it won’t stay like this for long!

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