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June 8, 2015

The Newest Betamore Team Member: Sam Audia

By Sam Audia, Betamore Intern

Who are you?

I’ve just completed my junior year at McDonogh School in nearby Owings Mills. Yes, that is a high school, not a college, so I am definitely one of the younger faces around the office.  When I graduate, I plan to move on to study Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering at a college that is to be determined.  I have always held a great interest in technology, which is probably why there is a dismantled, dusty old server currently serving the purpose of a fire hazard in my house.  So needless to say, I like to tinker, which is why a couple of years ago I decided to build my own computer, because where’s the fun buying any old computer off the shelf anyways?  Of course, the first time I tried to turn the thing on a couple of lights flashed before it quickly shut off with a disconcerting beep.  Luckily, after a couple hours break and restraining myself from throwing the thing down the stairs in frustration, I got it up and running and have been tweaking it ever sense.  I am excited to work here at Betamore where I can not only see some of the greatest technologies and ideas that are coming out of Baltimore but also learn and better understand what goes on behind the scenes of it all.


What are you doing here?

Before Betamore, I worked summers in my school’s I.T. department providing tech support across campus.  I am glad to leave the grimy switch closets and dusty store rooms to come work in the bright open spaces of Betamore.  I will be primarily working on the Betamore website, but I also hope to do whatever I can to help keep Betamore the great community of motivated individuals that it is.  Another perk of being an intern at an organization like Betamore is that I have the support to see any of my ideas realized.  While I am still quite unsure of what that is going to be, I hope to leave a positive mark on Betamore before I leave.  I am excited for all of the great experiences that I will have here in what is definitely going to an unforgettable Summer and I look forward to meeting everyone here at Betamore!


Just for fun…

Waffles or pancakes? Pancakes.

Sarcasm or seriousness? Sarcasm. Why would anyone choose seriousness?

Sneakers or flip flops? Sneakers.

Yoga or running? Neither.

Sweet or savory? Sweet.


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