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May 12, 2015

The Newest Betamore Team Member: Brooke Baader

By Brooke Baader, Betamore Intern

Who are you?

I am a second year at the University of Virginia majoring (hopefully!) in Marketing at the McIntire School of Commerce. I am a food enthusiast, lover of all things Baltimore, and startup supporter. I love the high intensity, adrenaline rush, risk taking (and managing) atmosphere that entrepreneurship embodies, and building great brands comes at the peak of all of these characteristics. I have held leadership positions in various organizations at UVA (Director of Philanthropy for Alpha Phi and VP of Marketing and Fundraising for College Mentors for Kids), and I am applying for the Leadership Minor at the McIntire School. I am very excited to spend my summer around the most driven, passionate and creative leaders in Baltimore as part of the Betamore team.

What are you doing here?

The great thing about Betamore is that you can do as much as you want. Whether it’s just managing social media daily, launching a new program, or creating a new workshop, the team has made it clear that if there’s something I want to see here at Betamore, I can make it happen. While here this summer, I will be helping a lot with the marketing of our education programs, events and just the company in general. I hope to think of some new and innovative workshops or ideas for the Academy that we can implement while I am here. In addition, I want to look into starting a Betamore podcast put on by our companies to discuss their experience as a startup in the Baltimore area and how Betamore has helped them grow. I can’t wait to see how much I learn from my experience at Betamore, and what projects I can really dive into this summer!

Just for fun… 

Waffles or pancakes? Waffles. Hands down.

Sarcasm or seriousness? Sarcasm

Sneakers or flip flops? Flip flops

Yoga or running? I’m kind of a barre fan. Pure barre has a studio in Charlottesville and it’s fabulous.

Sweet or savory? Sweet, definitely. I love to bake!


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