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November 2, 2015

Shine the Spotlight for Your Team

If the members of your team can integrate their skills to accentuate strengths and minimize weaknesses, team objectives often can be achieved efficiently. If however, the members of the team keep their focus on what works best for ONLY them or their department, it’s more likely that you are all headed for failure, If genuine teamwork is lacking, effective managers identify where the problems are and often need to provide improvement feedback in order to change things until the desired results are achieved.

Many leaders however don’t recognize how to transform their group into a highly productive team. Problems can go unnoticed. Encouragement and feedback can be slow in coming.

You keep the spotlight on your team if you:

  • Share your vision with others and act accordingly.
  • Exhibit you personal style and are proactive in relationships, stimulating excitement, action, and mutual support.
  • Can get people involved and committed.
  • Makes it easy for others to see opportunities for teamwork.
  • Allows people to perform.
  • Looks for people who want to excel and can work constructively with others.
  • Sees their role as the person who encourages and facilitates proactive behavior.
  • Considers problem solving the responsibility of everyone on the team.
  • Communicates fully and openly.
  • Welcomes questions.
  • Allows the team to do its’ own thing.
  • Mediates conflict before it becomes destructive and derails the team members.
  • Makes an effort to see that both individual and team accomplishments are recognized.
  • Keeps commitments and expects the same in return.

If you don’t see the outcomes from your team that you were hoping for, before you blame the team members, look in the mirror and ask if you are shining the spotlight in the right place.

Want to learn more?

Joni Daniels, Principal of Daniels & Associates, for “Blueprint for Teambuilding” on Wednesday, October 14 from 8 – 10am. During this workshop participants will become acquainted with the difference between groups and teams, how to increase a team’s productivity, and manage ineffective team behaviors. Emphasis will be on becoming familiar with dysfunctional team roles, as well as beneficial roles that assist a team in becoming clear about its task and work to maintain a cohesive climate. Register Here


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