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September 16, 2015

Setting Up Your LinkedIn Company Page

Why do you need a LinkedIn Business Account?

Finding New Talent

Everyone knows LinkedIn is where people go to find jobs, so make sure you have a presence where people are searching. Setting up a business profile allows you to post jobs and find highly qualified candidates.

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Sponsored Content + Advertising

Are you a B2B company or do you have an audience where their title or experience matter? Well then, LinkedIn is an ideal network to find qualified leads based on experience, skills, education and other professional related information. Though LinkedIn doesn’t have as many users as Facebook, on average, it generates the highest lead conversion rate among social media sites.


Show Company Culture + Gain Brand Loyalty

LinkedIn is a great place to brag! You can show the stuff that isn’t quite as accessible on Instagram or Snapchat. Instead, on Linkedin, you show the stuff your biggest fans want to see. Post a tour of the office, some photos from the company retreat, the snacks you get delivered, or what an ideal candidate’s resume would look like.


Check Out the Competition (and Yourself)

Know how you stack up against the competition based on what companies people also viewed. Think about the content you could create showing your unique value proposition in comparison to other brands for employees and for sales based on the analytics provided by LinkedIn. While you’re tin there, check out how your business is doing based on number of followers, post engagement and follower/visitor demographics.
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Ready to Set Up Your LinkedIn Company Page?

  1. Log into your LinkedIn account.
  2. Navigate to “Companies” by going to the top navigation bar under “Interests”blog7
  3. On the right sidebar, click “Create” under “Create a Company Page”blog8
  4. Fill in your Company Name and your Company email address, then verify you have permission to create the page. blog9
  5. Fill out Company Information & Company Specialties. Check out Social Media Examiner’s “How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page to Promote Your Business” for tips on filling out your page information.blog10blog11b
  6. Upload a logo (Minimum 300 x 300 pixels, 400 x 400 pixels is the recommended size PNG/JPEG/GIF format, Maximum 4 MB, square layout) and banner image (Minimum 646×220 pixels, PNG/JPEG/GIF format, Maximum 2 MB, landscape layout, image should be wider rather than taller).blog12

Want to Learn More?

Join Christine Osazuwa for “Getting Started with LinkedIn Advertising” on Tuesday, September 22 from 6:00pm-7:30pm. Explore how to get started with LinkedIn Advertising including defining your audience, setting up landing pages, best practices for ad content, and how to set your budget. This workshop will give students the skills needed to create LinkedIn advertising campaigns to help grow their businesses. Register Here.


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