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September 6, 2013

Meet Len Markidan

Maybe you’ve spent your career doing marketing and sales. Maybe you’re just getting started and want to land a job as a digital strategist or sales associate. In the new digital marketplaces that Google, Facebook, Amazon, and others are creating for us, it’s important that you’re not just visible but that you’re also skilled with confidence. Meet Len Markidan, who will prepare you for just that.

Len is a marketing consultant and copywriter whose work has led to more than $12M in sales, funding, and acquisitions for his clients. Whether your business is a tech startup, Fortune 500 company, agency, nonprofit, or anything in between, Len has worked with people just like you to find clarity in messaging and success in marketing. He has helped his clients attract and retain loyal users whether their product was launching, re-launching, refreshing or simply going through a slump, and in our Digital Marketing + Sales course, he will teach you to do the same.

The course starts on Monday, Sept 16th and runs every Monday and Wednesday from 6pm – 9pm for 10 weeks. Secure your spot for this course today!

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