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August 30, 2013

Meet Flip Sasser

You are always up on the latest iPhone apps. You want to get inside those apps and figure out how they work. You might even have the next hot app idea in your head. How do you make it happen? Meet Flip Sasser, the instructor for our Mobile Development course, who can help your dream come to life.

Flip is a unique designer, programmer, and MBA engaged in the pursuit of technology that delights. As a principal and developer at his own mobile apps company, Back Forty, Flip knows what it takes to turn ideas into killer iOS apps. Did we also mention Flip is quite the renaissance man, making his own beer and complex cheeseburgers?

The course starts on Tuesday, Sept 17th and runs every Tuesday and Thursday from 9am – 1pm for 10 weeks. Lock in your spot for this course today!

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