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May 27, 2016

This Year’s Biggest Design Trends

There’s a lot to consider when building a website. Between picking the right host for your needs, writing all the copy and code, and optimizing for search engines, much of the work involved can seem incredibly technical. All of these aspects are important to building a quality website, but perhaps the single most immediate factor is the design.

A site’s design is the first thing a user is going to notice and interact with. If it is effective, it will lead the user where they need to go, making for a positive user experience. Digital design trends emerge to match consumer demands, which are evolving especially fast on the web. Making use of timeless elements of design as well as the ever-growing capabilities of technology, digital design is a field that is ripe for innovation.

This infographic from Coastal Creative takes a look at some of this year’s emerging and established trends in design on the web. Which ones do you think will last? Are there any on their way out?


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