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February 3, 2015

Cupid is Here with a Full Betamore Calendar

This month at Betamore we are happy to announce some awesome NEW educational opportunities. We are building out our programming to include more comprehensive series as well as short-form courses. We are always looking for new programming opportunities, and would love to hear what you are interested in learning.

Check out the offerings below, and we look forward to seeing you at Betamore!


Driving Conversions Through Content: A Hands-On Workshop
Wednesday, February 4th | 6-9pm | $20
In addition to providing a deep understanding how content marketing works, this workshop will also cover how to “amplify” a brand’s voice using content, social media and email channels.

A Crash Course in Google Adwords
Wednesday, February 11th | 6-9pm | $25
Learn how to create, target, launch and optimize online search campaigns using Google Adwords!



This is an intense course in PHP where we will cover topics from setting up your development environment to building a PHP application that can access and store information from a database, the methods to do that, and the best practices associated with it.

WordPress Series

101: The Training you Forgot or Never Received
Monday, February 16th | 6-9pm | $30

102: Optimal WordPress Plug-Ins Do’s and Don’ts
Wednesday, February 18th | 6-9pm | $30

103: Here Comes the Boom: Quick Tips to Maximize User Conversions
Friday, February 20th | 6-9pm | $30

Welcome to Clojure! Let’s Build Something

Mon + Wed, February 23rd + 25th | 6-9pm | $60
Students will develop a working familiarity and create real-world applications with Clojure.


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