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April 6, 2015

Betamore + Techies for Good

This post was written by Erica Woods,  co-organizer of Techies for Good.

In late 2014, we launched a Baltimore ‘Techies for Good’ group via MeetUp in an effort to connect Technologists who wanted to give back to their communities using their technical skills and also provide 501c3 nonprofits a channel where they can get free technology guidance and help!  Our primary goals are to: act as a matchmaker between technical volunteers and nonprofits, provide opportunities where nonprofits and volunteers can meet to work on technology needs, and provide learning opportunities for nonprofits, so they can increase their knowledge base around how to best utilize technology to further the goals and offerings of their nonprofit.

Techies for Good hosts meetings/events every 1-2 months where technical volunteers donate their time and skills, helping the nonprofits who attend the meeting with their real-time questions/issues.  We’re very excited to have Loyola University as our primary venue sponsor, so we host most of our “free tech help” events at Loyola’s Columbia, Baltimore or Timonium campuses.

What are some of the technology issues/needs Techies for Good can help with?  Our volunteers can help with:

  • website/s
  • databases (i.e. method to capture, track and report on information)
  • social media
  • infrastructure support (i.e. repairing computers, shared drives, Microsoft Office, networks)
  • information security
  • graphic design
  • provide general technical guidance/direction

We are also very grateful to have the support of Betamore, who is helping us spread the word to both technologists and nonprofits, and built a nonprofit application form for us via their website!

If you’re a technology professional interested in donating your time or a nonprofit who’d benefit from getting technical help, connect with us via the following 3 channels:

  1. MeetUp Group
  2. Twitter
  3. Facebook Group

Our MeetUp Group is how we plan and communicate all of our “Tech Help” events, so we ask that you join our MeetUp Group and RSVP for any events you’d like to attend!


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