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July 14, 2016

Betamore Community Spotlight: Christine Johnson

Member: Christine Johnson

Marketing Director at Friends of John Sarbanes

The Betamore Community Spotlight is a blog series that shines a light on our members and their companies. Each week we’ll feature a different member and share a glimpse into what life as a Betamore member is all about.

What’s one thing you wish you knew before starting your company (working for a startup)?

Working for a congressional candidate is not something that I ever thought I would do. I started in digital marketing, which is what I do for Congressman John Sarbanes, so I’m not a political staffer at all, although, I do frequent the political scene. In the beginning, I wish I knew how hard it is to be an elected official and how thick your skin has to be. I had never thought about it before working for the Congressman, but people who don’t agree with your policies can be very mean when you are elected. Just watching how the Congressman, his colleagues, and everyone else deals with so much negativity, yet manage to keep a positive face, and listen to the negativity, in an attempt to learn from it and serve everyone better is surprising to me. 

If Betamore were to have a mascot what would it be?

It’s Brentwood. Brentwood is the greatest puppy of all time.

Best part of the Betamore Community:

The general environment is my favorite part. The team that runs Betamore makes everyday exciting and refreshing. There has never been a day when I’ve been upset by the thought of going to Betamore. I used to work in a literal box that had no windows and it was just me and one other staffer. So being able to come into Betamore everyday with the windows and the friendly environment that Ali, Michele, and everyone else creates is my favorite part about Betamore.  

What superpower would you like to have and why?

I would like to be able to fly, so I do not have to sit in traffic anymore, and I would have a much lower carbon footprint.

In your professional career, what has been your funniest “oops” moment so far?

In my current position, I work for Congressman John Sarbanes. Congressman Sarbanes is a Greek American, so we do a lot of outreach into that community. However, I am not good with accents or reading non-traditional names at all, so pronouncing words I see in emails is quite the challenge. So, I would say one of my most embarrassing moments with him was just getting a word completely wrong because I had absolutely no idea how to say it. He was talking about a holiday and I thought that it was oxi (ock-see) because it was o x i, but when I said it to Congressman Sarbanes he cracked up laughing and corrected me on my pronunciation. I was so embarrassed because of the amount of people I had said oxi to before being corrected on how to say it. I just wanted to run away, but that happens all the time and I’m very bad at pronunciation, especially with Greek names.

What’s one thing no one knows about you?

Growing up, I was a navy brat so Baltimore isn’t really my home base. I finally settled here around high school, after living in eight other places throughout the country. However, my father grew up in Pittsburgh and because I didn’t grow up in one place myself, I adopted the Steelers as my team. So that’s a secret that most people at Betamore don’t know about me, that I am a Steelers fan because I did not grow up here.

Describe Betamore’s Community in one word.


Flat or seltzer water?


Coffee or espresso?


Stairs or elevator?


PC or Mac?


What’s your favorite inspirational quote?

“Live for the moment.”-Unknown


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