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September 22, 2016

Beta City 2016 Venture Capital Pitch Day Companies

We couldn’t be more excited to announce the eight companies that will compete for $75,000 in prizes at Beta City‘s Venture Capital Pitch Day on September 29. The live competition will kick off a day long celebration of leaders, makers, and innovators in Baltimore.

The Venture Capital Pitch Day selection process included several rounds of rigorous analysis and scrutiny, including an initial screening of each early stage business. To advance beyond the initial screening, each company’s application must demonstrate a minimum viable product, professionalism, and use of technology in an innovative way. Remaining companies are voted on by the Betamore Advisory Board, and lastly by a final judges panel, to then present in the live pitch competition at City Garage.

The eight finalists will have an exclusive opportunity to present their pitch to a distinguished panel of judges and influential leaders in the Baltimore tech community. The $75,000 in prizes are a collection of contributions by a number of local businesses, including TEDCO, Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures, Evergreen Advisors, Baltimore Angels, the University of Maryland System, Greenspring Associates, SunTrust and SC&H Group.

The selected companies also have a unique opportunity to present their company to a room full of venture capitalists, senior business and community leaders, and entrepreneurs from leading companies both inside and outside of Baltimore.

Venture Capital Pitch Day Finalists


[two_thirds_last]emocha is a mobile health platform created at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Clinical Global Health Education (CCGHE) that provides real-time access to health data, and helps solve patient engagement and adherence in healthcare.[/two_thirds_last]

[two_thirds_last]Fixt offers a mobile app that provides background maintenance for Internet connected devices, using motion sensors to find damage and automate device replacements, repairs, upgrades, and other troubleshooting.[/two_thirds_last]

[two_thirds_last]Sickweather scans social networks for indicators of illness, reporting and tracking these indicators in real-time. It is the largest illness crowdsourcing community, processing over 6 million reports per month.


[two_thirds_last]Sisu Global Health is a medical technology company that focuses on improving healthcare access in low-resource settings, by building a medical device pipeline to strengthen health systems.[/two_thirds_last]


[two_thirds_last]SnobSwap offers exclusive access to a large collection of trusted boutiques, by displaying them on one simple digital platform.


[two_thirds_last]Tissue Analytics uses one mobile app to make wound tracking, measuring and assessment fast and accurate, and gives both healthcare providers and patients a breakdown of progress over time.[/two_thirds_last]

[two_thirds_last]TopBox‘s award-winning software offers Cloud-based interaction analytics for contact centers, helping organizations discover the root cause of customer impacting issues.[/two_thirds_last]

[two_thirds_last]Workbench focuses on project-based learning and exploration to host a community of innovators, offering a space for educators to connect and create classes, as well as hands-on lessons and student monitoring in real-time.[/two_thirds_last]

“This year, the applications to present at our pitch competition grew by over seventy percent, attracting local, national and international companies,” said Betamore CEO, Jennifer Meyer.

Beta City is confirming what many already know: that our region is attracting top-tier talent and investment for entrepreneurs.”

New to the event this year and in preparation for the live pitch competition, finalists will have an opportunity to participate in eight hours of professional council with leading business executives in the week leading up to the event. These business advisors include: Jason Tagler of Camden Partners and, Lynda Katz Wilner of Successfully Speaking and Henry Mortimer of Mortimer Communications.

In addition to the pitch companies selected, 17 additional entrepreneurs and innovators will be featured in the Demo Area at Beta City’s VIP + Main Event following the competition.

Beta City Demo + Featured Companies

We are excited to celebrate with more than 83 corporate and community sponsors and partners next week at Beta City. It is with the help and support of these sponsors that we lead a successful event and contribute to the growth of Baltimore’s ecosystem.

It is encouraging to see the enthusiasm and passion that so many entrepreneurs are bringing to our city – as business citizens we appreciate the responsibility to help these folks in any and every way possible.” — Mike Hankin, President and CEO of Brown Advisory.

We couldn’t agree more! If you are interested in attending Beta City, you can visit our event site at:, you can also purchase tickets here!

We Hope to See You @ City Garage for #BetaCity!



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