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April 30, 2015

Allow Us To Re-Introduce Ourselves

By Sean McElroy, Director of Membership + Partnerships at Betamore

If you’re reading this, there’s a strong chance you care about Baltimore and entrepreneurship. We recently announced some exciting changes to our organization and want to make sure you are informed so you can decide how you’d like to get involved.

Remind me what Betamore is.
Founded in 2012, Betamore is an award-winning Federal Hill-based organization. We primarily focus on three things:
Incubation – membership focused on physical workspace and other on-site offerings; designed for freelancers, solo entrepreneurs, remote workers, and growing early stage companies
Community – activities that extend beyond any one space, bridging people and institutions through entrepreneurship
Education – industry-based workshops and courses led by current industry professionals

Got it. What’s new?
We recently announced an Advisory Board, Community Membership, and BaltimoreTech.Org. These are offered to you in support of Betamore’s mission to make Baltimore a global entrepreneurship destination.

Tell me a bit more.
– The Betamore Advisory Board is a group of community leaders who are laser-focused on raising up Baltimore’s people and organizations through entrepreneurship. Specifically, our Advisory Board members are focused on four things: attracting and developing talent, breaking silos, providing context and knowledge, and building actionable networks.
Community Membership is a paid membership. It offers entrepreneurial individuals and organizations regular opportunities to build relationships and gain access to cost savings for their work/life blend.
BaltimoreTech.Org is a free, collaborative community resource — it’s your window into the People, Jobs, Events, and News of the Baltimore Tech community.

How can I get involved?
Your involvement is critical to helping us realize Baltimore’s promise as a global entrepreneurship destination.  Together, we can make it happen. Please consider the below and share with others who may be interested:

– To start, we’ve made our Community Membership as affordable as we can, given its value — we encourage you to consider this.
– If you need on-site workspace and business support, consider an Incubation or Coworking Membership at our campus (this also gives you a Community Membership).
– Take a workshop or course, or apply to teach one.
– Finally, sign up on BaltimoreTech.Org to better organize and empower Baltimore’s entrepreneurial community outside of Betamore’s paid memberships and educational offerings.

We are very excited to offer you all of these opportunities for deeper engagement. Thank you for considering them.

With Excitement,
The Betamore Team


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