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September 18, 2013

Alchemy Learning Announces Partnership with Betamore

Today, Alchemy Learning announced a pilot partnership with Betamore, a campus for technology and entrepreneurship located in the heart of the Federal Hill neighborhood of downtown Baltimore, furthering Baltimore’s national presence as a leader in education and technology. Alchemy’s flagship product, SmartBinder, will provide an enhanced online learning experience for students of Betamore’s Academy, an offering of technology courses filling the gap between a traditional liberal arts education and the demands of 21st century jobs. Entrepreneurs, professionals, and those seeking to develop skills in cutting edge technologies all have enrolled in Academy courses, which launched in September.

“Betamore’s Academy was always conceived as an on-ground program, but we thought it was important to offer students online tools that enhanced their learning,” said Mike Passaro, Betamore’s Director of Education, on the partnership. “Students confirmed this by requesting a way to access course materials, presentations, and skills examples outside of class. Betamore’s partnership with Alchemy Learning allows us to do this by offering our students a compelling, engaging, and rich online educational experience through Alchemy SmartBinder.” In Betamore’s first launch of courses, instructors and students will utilize SmartBinder in the Academy’s Back-End Development, Front-End Development, and Digital Marketing and Sales classes.

Passaro explains that Alchemy was selected due to its intuitive curriculum management experience coupled with its learning-enriching functionality. “We looked into several solutions for our online materials, but SmartBinder was the best fit for a number of reasons,” said Passaro. “First, the intuitive design allowed us to start using SmartBinder right away. Second, SmartBinder is incredibly powerful. We were able to build sample courses in a very short time, incorporating a wide variety of content, like websites, videos, and presentations. Third, we like what it offers our students. It is easy to use, checks student knowledge, and enriches our on-ground courses. Finally, we like what it offers our instructors. Our instructors have been increasingly utilizing SmartBinder since we first introduced it to them, and have even begun using it in class as a presentation tool.”

Alchemy Co-Founders Henry Blue and Win Smith also acknowledge the upside of the partnership: “We are very excited about Alchemy’s partnership with Betamore, which permits us the opportunity to grow with and be informed by the needs of Baltimore’s leader in technology and entrepreneurial education as they continue to expand their already prominent brand and regional presence. We see this partnership as a great example of Baltimore’s continued evolution as one of the east coast’s rising hubs for innovation and advancement of education and technology.”

Betamore is a campus for technology and entrepreneurship with a two-fold mission: First, Betamore aims to stimulate the establishment and growth of technology-based startup companies through business collaboration and incubation. Second, Betamore offers a career-focused education led by current industry experts to a growing public community of learners called the Academy.

Alchemy, founded in 2012, creates teacher-centric adaptive learning software tools for teachers and recently released SmartBinder beta, the free, cloud-based lesson binder which allows teachers to build and deliver digital lessons and capture valuable feedback on student mastery and understanding. SmartBinder Pro is presently in private-beta.


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