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August 2, 2017

Academy Alumni Spotlight: Kate Hollingsworth

Like many other small business owners, I learn new skills to grow my business. I own a boutique salon in Baltimore and love my shop. As it grows, the website needs to reflect our evolving brand, but talking to web developers can be tough, so I decided to take Betamore’s Front-End Web Development course. Now I can build my own website from the ground up!

I’ll be launching a new and improved site soon, but in the meantime, the class gave me some skills that have already proved invaluable to me and my business.

3 ways the FEWD course helped my small business:

Landing pages: I created a page for my website about an upcoming event. It was too much information for just one Facebook post, so I stirred up a little HTML magic. We even used the event page to learn which advertisements get us the most bang for our buck! The analytics were eye-opening.

Better blog posting: Why is that image loading so slowly? Because you didn’t optimize it, silly! Speed matters on the web, don’t let your ranking suffer because your photos are too large or in a bad format.

Knowledge is power: I get ten calls a week from companies that want to sell me their web development services. It used to feel overwhelming until I learned how to use developer tools to inspect the sample websites they were selling. Now I tell them that I’m not interested in paying for a free WordPress theme and some bad stock photos.

Business is booming, my team is growing and I’m grateful to keep evolving as an entrepreneur. Bring on the next class!

Submitted by: Kate Hollingsworth


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