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November 26, 2018

Academy Alumni Interview with Ben LoBue

Ben LoBue is the Director of Digital at Warschawski and a former Betamore member. To help expand his business skills, he took our Digital Marketing & Analytics course in Winter 2018. We caught up with Ben to gather feedback on his experience as a student at the Betamore Academy.

What made you decide that you wanted to join the Betamore Academy?
I was a current Betamore member and working in the incubation space at City Garage, so I got to work alongside the Betamore team on a daily basis which was a great experience. It allowed me to ask questions, get advice, and learn a bit more about the class structure and environment. Though I’d point out that you don’t need to be in that situation to get that insight, as their communication has always been wonderful. I also took it upon myself to meet with the instructor well before taking the class. Being in the digital marketing space and having recently moved to Baltimore, I was eager to start networking. The instructor was very responsive and quick to agree to meet for coffee to chat. So those things made the decision quite easy. Then, of course, the subject matter was very relevant to my job – managing and expanding all digital marketing for an e-commerce brand.

It’s a commitment (the 10 week course), no question, so I’d encourage anyone to take those steps – make sure the material is what you’re looking for. If the coursework is a good fit, I guarantee talking with the instructor and Betamore team will only seal the deal.

What was the most interesting part of your experience?
The size of our class. We had a very small group, all from very different backgrounds, which allowed us to apply the course content in a lot of different ways. It also allowed us to have some fun and go on a lot of tangents. You get to know people a bit after 60 hours. It had been awhile since I had been in a classroom environment, but it really helped inspire my work and re-motivate me to explore new opportunities.

How has taking the course allowed you to advance your career goals/skills?
Our course covered A LOT. More than you can reasonably remember and put into practice, but you also leave with all of that material. I still tell myself that I’m going to go back through those slides….soon. The point is that everyone is going to pick out the most important pieces to what they’re currently working on. For me it was re-realizing that digital marketing is changing on a daily basis and preconceived notions from 6 months ago can be completely irrelevant today. Aside from honing my skills across all platforms and channels, it motivated me to revisit previous “failures” or currently outsourced processes to look for new opportunity. I brought some things back in house, passed a lot of knowledge on to my team to help them learn and grow, and learned how easy some things are when you know a few key tricks (like content marketing).

What is one thing you wish people knew more about the Betamore Academy courses before going in?
The Betamore team and network are extremely helpful and generous with their time, including the mentors and instructors. If you’re even thinking about taking a course, spend 30 minutes talking to someone about it over coffee – the Betamore team will connect you with the right person. Aside from that, I’ve learned recently that further education and personal development are really important. If you feel at all like you’re in a rut or repetitive routine, learn a new skill – take an online course, take a Betamore class, or just meet with someone new in your industry. It can flip a switch in your brain and thought process.

What opportunities are now available to you after you took the Betamore course?
I developed a new processes for my team that had immediate positive impacts for our business, and continue to help enable others to learn and grow. I’ve met new people that I still keep in touch with both personally and professionally. And I’ve continued to look for opportunities to learn new skills.



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