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November 8, 2013

A recap of Power the Future

This past weekend, Betamore hosted Power The Future, the region’s first energy hackathon in partnership with energy giant Constellation Energy.

The theme of the weekend was improving energy production and consumption in Baltimore and beyond. Participants gathered at Betamore early Saturday morning
and separated into teams, each with a different concept for an energy related
hack. The teams worked around the clock for 36 hours on bringing their
ideas to life, eventually leading up to Sunday afternoon’s product demos. The hackathon was a great success and yielded innovative energy-saving ideas:

(1st place) SmartVent: An air vent that can replace a traditional air vent in a home
and will automatically open and close based on the current temperature of the room
it is in. It talks to other SmartVent’s to make sure all the rooms are balanced evenly.

(2nd place) Empower: A web application that displays the complete cost of ownership
of a home, including the energy costs. Two homes that are at the same market price
may have different costs over the span of 10 years based on the appliances and efficiencies of the home. This app intends to make this information more easily available to website like Zillow, etc.

(3rd place) Therml: A web application that lets you see the recommended temperature that you should set your home thermostat to based on a real-time analysis of homes around you, during that time of year.

We’d like to thank everyone who contributed to making this event a success and congratulate all three teams on their awesome ideas!

Also, please feel free to check out this recap article by Technically Baltimore.


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