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September 1, 2015

4 Quick Ways to Enhance Your Google Analytics Data

#1 Enable Demographics + Interest Reports


Adding one little line to your tracking code will allow for rich data about your site visitor’s age, gender & interests. Once you have that data you can create segments to see how your female visitors behaviors differ from your male visitors or what movie lovers are looking for on your site.


  1. Go to Admin > Property Settings
  2. Enable Demographics and Interest Reports
  3. Go to Tracking Info > Data Collection
  4. Enable Advertising Reporting Features
  5. Update your tracking code:

GA_blog1Example Result:

GA_blog2#2 Set Up Google Webmaster Tools


When you want to see what keywords are driving to your site and all you see is (not provided), Google Webmaster Tools can solve that. What Webmaster Tools does is aggregate your search queries to eliminate “(not provided)” and allow you to reclaim your keyword data.


  1. Go to Admin > Property Settings
  2. Select Adjust Webmaster Tools
  3. Under Webmaster Tools Site, select Edit
  4. Add Your Website Property
  5. Verify Your Website Property


Example Result:

GA_blog4#3 Bot Filtering


Having spam traffic in your analytics throws off all your data. There’s advanced settings that will allow for more bot filtering, but this simple step will help you begin to eliminate some of that.


  1. Go to Admin > Property Settings
  2. Enable Bot Filtering

GA_blog5#4 Set Up Filters


This can be as simple or as complex as you’d like to make it, but filtering allows you to get only the real data you want. You can exclude IP addresses, remove spam, change all your URLs to lowercase, and much more. Get started with “Three Google Analytics Filters You Should Be Using Today


  1. Admin > Filters


Example Results:


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