Software Engineer Training Program

This grant-funded program is an intensive 6 month training which aims to expand our region's pipeline of technical talent by providing local Baltimore City residents with direct access to the education, training and robust network of employers needed to launch into a new field- Software Development.

Final applicants have been selected and we are no longer accepting students for this cohort. Please see below for info as we explore new opportunities to facilitate cohorts in 2022 and beyond.

Program Overview

  • Is this for you?

  • Always wanted a career in technology? No matter your educational background, you have a chance of becoming a software engineer through Betamore’s newest Academy program. This grant-funded program is a hybrid (in person & online, self paced) training commitment averages 22 weeks to complete. Qualified Baltimore City resident applicants who successfully complete this training are offered a job in the tech field, post graduation..
  • Why Software Testing?

  • They say software is eating the world. Every company is now a "tech" company with digital engineering needs of varying levels. Since there are no standards for software, and it can be written by anyone, companies are investing in Software Testing and QA to ensure the quality of their digital products. The discipline is rapidly expanding and the skills necessary to perform these tasks are in demand. Since testing can be done at many different levels, it is an excellent way to be exposed to many different paths in the Tech field. Automated Software Testers are considered Software Engineers by many, making this program an excellent path to a new career in areas such as Specific specialties such as Software Development, DevOps and UX/UI.
  • What You'll Learn

  • This entry-level training program teaches qualified individuals the foundational elements of software development and testing including:
  • •Development basics and intermediate programming
  • •Introduction to Software Testing
  • •Databases
  • •Web servers
  • •Front-end frameworks
  • •Scrum/Agile
  • •Emphasis on both the technical and interpersonal skills needed to succeed in a team-based, agile software development environment.
  • •Role Preparation
  • Requirements

  • •Desire to pursue a career in software development/engineering
  • •Be at least 18 years old
  • •Basic proficiency using a computer and the internet
  • •Some knowledge of coding/software development (bonus, not required)
  • •Have a high school diploma or GED (11th grade or better ability in reading and math)
  • •Be residents of Maryland (some cohorts may restrict to Baltimore City)
  • •Be a U.S. citizen or eligible to work in the U.S.
  • •Have never committed a violent crime
  • •Be free of all illegal substance use for the past eighteen months
  • General Schedule

  • Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-9PM, plus every other Saturday from 9AM-1PM for approximately 22 weeks (approximately 180 class hours). Class begins on November 1st and will run through the first week of April 2022. All classes will take place at Betamore.