Digital Marketing | Get To Know Your Customers: Data-Driven Persona Creation Who are your customers? How well do you know them as people?  What drives them, how they go about their lives, why they do what they do and who they look to and trust?

Odds are, not as well as you might think. And in the customer-centric world in which we live, it is absolutely vital to change that if you want to be successful.  In this workshop, you’ll learn the techniques, skills and processes used by top marketers to craft realistic, data-driven personas – as well as actionable insights on how to use your new personas to achieve tangible, bottom-line results.

  • Use lean principles to develop comprehensive, data-driven buyer personas for your target audience(s)
  • Leverage social and web analytics tools, along with existing customer information, to identify key traits, behaviors and goals for each persona
  • Implement a persona-driven marketing campaign using established best practices
  • Common pitfalls & how to avoid them when creating and using buyer personas
  • Laptop
  • Access to your business' Google Analytics
  • Access to your business' Facebook Business Manager

Sam Ruchlewicz is the Vice President of Digital Strategy and Data Analytics at Warschawski. Sam oversees client accounts and is responsible for both the strategic direction and execution of all integrated digital marketing & data analytics initiatives. In addition, Sam manages corporate communications for the agency, actively participates in new business development, and is a published author and blogger on The Measurement Advisor.

Since joining Warschawski in 2015, Sam has played an instrumental role in the launch of the W’s SEO, Digital Advertising & Data Analytics team. He has helped establish a data-driven culture throughout the agency while assisting clients in achieving exceptional bottom-line growth through the fusion of innovative econometric, business analytics and digital strategies with robust, multi-channel marketing campaigns. He has led the charge in training and educating the agency’s growing digital team, all the while leading digital, campaigns and analytics solutions for many of the agency’s largest clients, including Chesapeake Utilities Corporation, Biologics Consulting, Heritage Training & Shooting Center, The Law Offices of Janet, Janet and Suggs, LLC., and Alex Cooper.

Sam has been named one of Target Marketing’s 8 Marketers of Tomorrow. He has additionally been requested to speak at many prominent conferences and seminars, including the Hero Conf, the world’s largest all-PPC conference hosting the biggest names and brightest minds, and the Digital Analytics Association Symposium at Drexel University, to name a few.