Design Thinking: Customer Journey Mapping Learn the principles of Design Thinking, and gain first hand knowledge through activities.

Gain a deeper understanding of the design process and some of the basics of doing customer research. Learn some repeatable tools for customer journey maps that can apply to your own situations and translate customer insights into product concepts.

  • Learn why and how to start with a deep understanding of customers and their lives
  • Hands on group activity with shareout: Customer empathy
  • What is a customer journey map, and how do you make one?
  •  Hands on group activity with shareout: Creating a Customer Journey Map
  • How do you convert CJ Map insights into product concepts?
  • Hands on group activity with shareout: Structured "How might we?" brainstorming from CJ Maps

Adam Richardson has wanted to be a designer since he started drawing cars at age 6, and used it as a means to improve people's lives in ways small and large. He's worked on toothbrushes for kids, Mission Control for NASA, and everything in between: physical products, digital ecosystems, and services. He spent 10 years at the global innovation and design consultancy Frog Design leading customer research and design strategy for clients, and then 5 years as Group Product Manager at Financial Engines, a financial services firm in Silicon Valley. Adam has written regularly for Harvard Business Review and numerous other publications, has spoken at conferences worldwide, led over 50 innovation workshops, and his book, Innovation X, was published in 2010 by Jossey-Bass. His BFA is Industrial Design from the California College of the Arts, and his MA in Humanities is from the University of Chicago.