Value Propositions That Work + Messages That Matter Think you have the best product in your sector?  Your story might just be the very reason holding customers back!

This session will help you evaluate how well your current message and value proposition resonate with your target buyer and what YOU can do to improve it!  Getting your buyer’s attention is critical to getting clients, but if you drown them in geekspeek, you will never begin the engagement process that leads them to adopt your products and services.

  • Review regular mistakes tech startups face – so you’ll know what to avoid
  • Best practice approaches and tips for creating value propositions and messages that matter
  • Reasons why messages succeed – and the ways you can break out from the pack
  • How to uncover your differentiators
  •  Roadmap for getting the value prop right – right from the start
  • See actual company “before” and “after” examples and hear why the dramatic changes were needed and the significant results that were produced
Liz Sara has more than 25 years of experience in the local high-tech community as an entrepreneur, business leader, angel investor and marketing strategy consultant to early stage tech companies.  Since 2001 she has worked with 90+ companies to help them launch products and gain market adoption and revenue. She is former Chairman of the Board at the Dingman Center of Entrepreneurship at the Smith School of Business at U-MD, she is a Marketing Professor, and a mentor in several accelerators in DC, MD, VA and NYC.  She currently serves as Chair of the National Women’s Business Council, a federal agency that advocates for female founders. She is a frequent speaker at conferences related to entrepreneurship, startups and marketing.