Use Your EIN, Not Your SSN The Life Enhancement Consulting Group offers both emerging and seasoned entrepreneurs an opportunity to learn and grow their practice by obtaining a complete understanding of how to apply for business credit and funding for their business with the use of their EIN number rather than their social security number.


1. The Knowledge To Make The Distinction Between Business Credit and Personal Credit.

2. How Business Credit Is Scored vs How Personal Credit Is Scored.

3. The Difference Between Business Credit Bureaus and Their Day To Day Activities and Personal Credit Bureaus and Their Day To Day Activities.

4. The Advantages Of Using Your EIN Number and The Disadvantages Of Using your SS Number For All Business Related Matters.

5. All My Company Information Will Be Given and An Opportunity For Each Participant To Receive One On One Coaching Or Group Coaching.

Leroy Allen CEO/FOUNDER of the Life Enhancement Consulting Group and the Life Enhancement Coaching Institute serves as a Transformational Life Coach and an Executive Leadership Coach working with a broad spectrum of clients . In addition to being an Executive Leadership Coach and a Transformational Life Coach , Leroy has presented nationally to general audiences speaking on the topics of Leadership and Employee Engagement , Leadership and Student Life Engagement , Personal Branding , Business Credit , Consumer Credit , Team Building , Sales Techniques , and Customer Service , Leroy's most recent accomplishments was the release of his book the Power Of Business Credit and Funding and he is the Founder Of The Life Enhancement Business and Networking Event. An Organization that serves as a connecting bridge for professionals to come together to share their expertise in a carefree environment.