WINTER 2020 | Full Stack Web Development Learn how to use JavaScript Vue and Node to build a database-driven web application from scratch in this 10-week course. Maybe you have the next big idea? Maybe you want to join a team who's already building the next big idea? This course will walk you through the full stack of web application development from databases to object-oriented programming in Javascript with Express and Vue. You'll be building your own apps within 10 weeks using the same programming framework that Twitter, Github, LivingSocial, and many others are using.

This course will start on January 27 and meet every Monday and Wednesday from 6pm-9pm for 10 weeks.

Join us on Wednesday, Jan 15th at 5:30 PM for our Academy Meet + Greet for a chance to meet instructors + ask questions. Register Here

UNIT 1:  Fundamentals: Programming Refresher
UNIT 2:  Intro to Express + Templating with Pug
UNIT 3:  Forms + Data Storage
UNIT 4:  Cookies, Sessions + Authentication COOKIES, SESSIONS + AUTHENTICATION
UNIT 5:  Intro to Vue
UNIT 6:  Single Page Applications
UNIT 7:  Writing + Using APIs
UNIT 8:  Build Your Own APP (Week 1)
UNIT 9:  Build Your Own App (Week 2)
UNIT 10:  Topics TBD by Class


David has been writing software professionally since the day after his high school graduation. He has worked in global corporations and startup environments, and built software in Perl, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, and even Visual Basic and C; focusing primarily on web-based applications. He built the prototype API for the Walters Art Museum at the first ArtBytes hackathon, co-authored the book Hacking Movable Type, and is one of the original co-organizers of the Charm City JS meetup group. He has also been a mentor in the two previous Rails workshops at Betamore.