Baltimore NodeSchool Come learn how to node! We'll be working together on open-source workshop lessons from []( (see the [registration page]( for which workshops we'll be doing each event). Come for the first time or come back and repeat a lesson over again--repetition is a good thing! Chances are good that you'll get further and understand more this time. :)

This month, we'll be offering the following lessons:
  • Special Topic: Each NodeSchool we offer a different "Special Focus" class that targets an advanced topic for everyone to learn together. This month our Special Focus is going to be JS Best Practices. Join us and learn best practices for writing readable and maintainable code.
  • Learn You Node: An introduction into NodeJS and all the really cool things you can do with JavaScript outside of the browser! A basic understanding of JavaScript is recommended.
  • Javascripting: A great place to start if you don't know any JavaScript and want to learn this amazing language.
  • Advanced Topics: Explore any of the other advanced NodeSchool topics like Stream-Adventures, WebGL, Web Audio, Browserify, etc. If there's a NodeSchool lesson, we will help you with it.
Not sure if NodeSchool is for you? Curious to find out how you can prepare? Check out our brand new Before You Come section