Betamore started with a common vision driven by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. That vision was to play a role in developing Baltimore into a global destination for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Our founders had already started, scaled, and exited companies in our region. They asked themselves one question: If we were to do it all over again, what resources do we wish we had access to from the start of our own journey? From that one core question, Betamore was born.  

We envisioned a new kind of hub. One that focused on building community through thoughtful, relevant programming, taking place in creative, inspiring space. Our goal was to build an organization that supported the next generation of entrepreneurs working towards realizing their dreams, but who would also build the future of our city and our region.

Finally, we felt that if the talent wasn’t available to support the ecosystem, then why even try to execute this vision? That’s why, from the start, we focused on developing workforce and professional development programs that ensured that every organization, from startup to enterprise, had access to the talent and resources required to not only grow, but innovate and get to the next level. Our Betamore Academy and education programming is designed around this principle.

We are Betamore.

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101 W. Dickman Street Suite 1000 Baltimore, MD 21230

The Betamore team

  • Kim Andrulonis

    Director of Operations / Betamore

    Kim Andrulonis

Board of Directors

  • Damian Rintelmann

    VP, Digital - Web + Content / WebbMason

    Damian Rintelmann
  • Deric Emry

    Greenspring Associates

    Deric Emry
  • George Davis

    Exec VP Strategic Advisory / Evergreen Advisors

    George Davis
  • Greg Cangialosi

    Co-Founder + Chairman / Betamore + Baltimore Angels

    Greg Cangialosi
  • Rob Rosenbaum

    Director / Copley Consulting Group

    Rob Rosenbaum
  • Tim Hodge

    Managing Partner, Baltimore / Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough

    Tim Hodge