Using Personas to Develop Positioning

Workshop Overview

Storytelling only works if the story is about your customer, not you.

Brand positioning is not what you do to your product, and it’s certainly not what you say about it. Positioning is how you tap into the reality that already exists in the minds of your prospects. Within a digital landfill of over-communicated messages and “me too” brands, we’ll teach you how to look for the holes in the market that make your brand top-of-mind and the preferred choice.

Positioning - FBKey Takeaways

  • What positioning really is, and what it’s not
  • What you should know about prospects & competitors to stay rooted in reality
  • Defining “non-negotiables”—what should never change to maintain position


Want your company to serve as the example?

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This workshop will be held at Betamore’s campus on the 4th Floor at 1111 Light Street, Baltimore, MD 21230. For parking + directions visit:

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