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Unleash the Full Potential of Your Employees: How to Attract, Motivate + Retain the Best Talent

Is your staff burning out, experiencing high turnover, or under-performing? Maybe you just want to take your business to the next level. Your greatest competitive advantage lays within the abilities and motivation of your employees. In this workshop, Shar, an I/O Psychology Consultant, will identify the five most valuable motivators at work today, and how to successfully implement that knowledge in your business. Shar’s unique combination of humor, real-world stories, and scientifically backed data will leave you with the tools and the motivation to unleash the potential of your people.


At the conclusion of this workshop, attendees will be able to…

• Identify the top 5 motivators at work today.

• Develop a total rewards package to attract, motivate & retain the best employees for their organization.

• Understand the difference between work/life balance and work/life integration.

• Learn to reconnect with their “Why”, and effectively communicate vision and purpose with their teams.

• Understand the true meaning of employee engagement and how to attain it.



• Ice Breaker – Kahoot Quiz

• The Basics of Motivation & Leadership

• The art of being a positive manager

• Breakout Session

• Introduction to Total Rewards

• Top 5 Motivators at Work

• Break

• Compensation (Lecture & Discussion)

• Work / Life Balance vs Work / Life Integration (Lecture & Discussion)

• Growth & Development (Lecture & Discussion)

• Autonomy (Lecture & Discussion)

• Purpose / Corporate Social Responsibility (Lecture & Discussion)

• Wrap Up & Workshopping Total Reward Plans


Attendees should be employers, managers, HR managers or soon-to-be-employers. No prior KSAs required.


This workshop will be held at Betamore’s City Garage campus at 101 W Dickman Street, Baltimore, MD 21230. Parking is available onsite.


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    Tue, Jan 15th

    8:30am – 10:30am

    Photo of David Shar
    David Shar

    Shar Seminars & Consulting

    David Shar is principal and senior human capital consultant at Shar Seminars & Consulting. David has over ten year of experience as a business owner and manager within the retail and foodservice industries where David developed his unique leadership philosophy. David holds his BS in Human Resource Management from Colorado State University, his Masters in Industrial / Organizational Psychology from the University of Maryland and is a Business Psychology PhD candidate at the Chicago School of Psychology. As an I/O Psychology practitioner with over a decade of ‘in the trenches’ experience, David helps business owners and managers throughout the country develop a passionate and profitable workforce.


    City Garage
    101 W. Dickman St
    Baltimore, MD 21230

    Get Directions (Free parking is available onsite.)

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