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Think React.JS: Building Apps and Interfaces

React.js is a JavaScript library for building reusable high performance user interface components. The course is focused toward a zero to one of building in React, with emphasis on hands on work. The course will not try to cover a wide swath of minutia but instead the actionable 20% that will enable you to dive into 80% of day-to-day needs.

Is this for me?

Think React.js is designed for anyone interested in full stack JavaScript development with at least some prior programming experience in JavaScript, Python or an Object-oriented language and a basic understanding of HTML/CSS.

What will I learn?

This course focuses on building an app from the ground up in a way that is totally repeatable and extensible.

ThinkReactJS - FBObjectives

  • JavaScript and functional programming
  • Git/Github
  • Node.js web server basics
  • Creating web interfaces with React.js Components and HTML/CSS
  • Working with dynamic data in Flux

Prerequisites + Materials

  • Prior programming experience in JavaScript, Python or an Object-oriented language and a basic understanding of HTML + CSS
  • A “modern” laptop – something with at least 4gb of ram is probably modern enough
  • Recommended: wild eyed excitement, or at least enthusiasm for learning.

Course Outline

  • Development Environment Setup/Checks
    • Atom
    • Git/Github
    • Node.js
  • Introduction to Node.js
    • JavaScript for the impatient
    • Express.js web server
  • Components in React.js
    • Stateless Components
    • JSX
    • Building with Gulp/Babel
    • “Full” Component Life Cycle
    • Mixins
    • Nesting components
    • Working with Props
    • Reuse and repetition
  • Styling Components with CSS
  • Using NPM Packages
    • Bootstrap
    • Higher Order Components
  • Working with Data
    • Flux
    • Fetching
    • State management

Want to learn more?

Join us for a FREE info session on May 24 from 5:30pm-6:30pm to meet the instructor and ask questions!


This course begins on Monday, June 5 at 6pm and will meet every Mon + Wed from 6pm-9pm for four weeks.

This course will be held at Betamore’s City Garage campus at101 W. Dickman Street, Baltimore, MD 21230. Parking is available onsite.


If you are looking for additional information on course details from the instructor, please don’t hesitate to email

This course has been postponed.


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    Mon, Jun 5th

    6:00pm – 9:00pm

    Photo of Wes Etheredge
    Wes Etheredge

    Director of Data Science at Meta Studios, Inc.

    Analyst at heart, developer for fun, and manager occasionally. I enjoy playing in the data, developing novel solutions, and leading technical teams in a range of challenges from spatial analysis to big data problems, Question-Focused Dataset strategies, and developing a mobile apps.

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