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Power Up Your Professional Public Speaking

In today’s visual world delivering presentations effectively and professionally is essential to success. This is especially so for entrepreneurs whose funding depends on the persuasiveness of their pitch. In this workshop students will learn how to align three key aspects of communication to project a polished professional image. The three “V’s” include the Visual (how you look), Vocal (how you sound), and Verbal (what you say). This will be an interactive workshop; participants will engage in activities for each of the “V’s” of communication to practice their newly learned skills. Each student will be video-recorded at the beginning and end of the workshop and will receive access to the videos and a scoring rubric to self-evaluate their delivery skills.

PublicSpeakingJuly - FBObjectives

  • Learn what is involved in non-verbal visual communication: posture, facial expression, body language, gestures, eye contact, and interacting with visual props
  • Improve non-verbal vocal communication: voice quality, rate of speech, vocal variety, pitch changes, pronunciation, and fluency
  • Learn how to organize a clear and concise verbal message
  • Learn how to evaluate your own presentations

Class Materials

  • Your preferred note-taking materials
  • Come prepared to engage with fellow classmates in vocal exercises, video exercises, and peer feedback activities


This workshop will be held at Betamore’s City Garage campus located at 101 W. Dickman Street, Baltimore, MD 21230. Parking is available onsite.

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    Thu, Jul 20th

    8:30am – 11:00am

    Photo of Lynda Katz Wilner
    Lynda Katz Wilner

    Corporate Communication Specialist and Coach

    Lynda Katz Wilner is a corporate communication specialist, coach, and a Maryland licensed and nationally certified Speech and Language Pathologist with over 30 years’ experience in individual coaching, group training, and speech, language, and voice concerns. Her company, Successfully Speaking, has worked with individuals and companies to help professionals achieve excellent communication skills. This includes public speaking, coaching for pitch presentations, voice improvement, regional dialect and foreign accent modification and all aspects of effective communication. She has authored numerous publications for the assessment and training of nonnative English speaking professionals to help them modify their foreign accent. Lynda has had featured columns in local publications regarding the many aspects of communication skills.

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