You Can’t Please Everyone: A Persona Creation Workshop

Workshop Overview

People don’t buy your product, they buy a better version of themselves.” –

If you’ve worked in User Experience, Sales or Marketing, you’ve likely heard the word “persona”. Though it can be a complex process, persona creation is the best way to be able to get into the heads of your customers in order to provide the tools to improve lives, not just sells products.

In this workshop, we will create up to 3 data-driven personas based on internal & external research. To keep things interesting, we’re going to choose one workshop attendee’s company to workshop together so please indicate below if you’d like to be a contender!

Creating Personas - FBObjectives

  • Understand why personas are important and get stakeholder buy-in
  • Identify pain points and goals of potential & current customers/clients
  • Verify assumptions with internal and external data
  • Learn how to conduct in-depth research on your industry
  • Use tools that can help you identify & keep track of your competitors
  • Understand best practices in persona making
  • Discover social media Audience Insights & other tools can enhance the persona making process
  • Create data-driven personas with a provided detailed template & guide

Please Note: This workshop was designed in tandem with: Using Personas to Develop Positioning


  • None

Want your company to serve as the example?

Class Materials

  • Laptop Computer or Tablet
  • Good to have: Business goal

Skills Taught

  • Creating personas
  • Research
  • Interviewing & Surveying (basics)


This workshop will be held at Betamore’s campus on the 4th Floor at 1111 Light Street, Baltimore, MD 21230. For parking + directions visit:

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REFUND POLICY: Please let us know at least 7 days before the scheduled event if you cannot make it by emailing us at No refunds will be issued within 7 days.

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