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Improving your Data IQ: 3 Steps to Better Data Decisions

There’s a growing expectation for startups to integrate solid, sustainable, and scalable data practices, particularly during key moments in the company’s growth (e.g. before or after funding, etc.). Yet not all entrepreneurs are data-minded, and access to resources is expensive, or overwhelming, or both.

This workshop will highlight some of the common data decisions that are often encountered at key inflection points in a company’s growth. We’ll also share industry best practices for helping make current and future data decisions.

Lastly, we’ll use a brief survey tool to assess your company’s current data practices and identify areas for growth and improvement moving forward.

Is This for Me?

This workshop is for everyone, including (and especially) non-data-minded entrepreneurs who are looking to:

  • Assess their own data practices
  • Learn about industry best-practices
  • Brainstorm and (hopefully!) solve current data problems or make necessary decisions
  • Prepare for future data decisions


At the end of this workshop, students will be able to:

  • Understand what makes for good vs. bad data practices
  • Learn how to make good data decisions on behalf of your product and company
  • Assess your company’s current data practices
  • Begin drafting your company’s data roadmap

What do I Need to Bring?

  • A short description of your data stack (what you use for storing, organizing, sharing data, etc.) as well as sample reports might be helpful if you would like some guidance.


  • No technical or research experience is required, but an analytical and planning mindset is useful for our discussions.


This workshop will be held at Betamore’s City Garage campus at 101 W. Dickman Street, Baltimore, MD 21230. Parking is available onsite.


If you are looking for additional information on workshop details from the instructor, please don’t hesitate to email

This workshop has been postponed.

Please email: with any questions.

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    Wed, Aug 9th

    8:30am – 10:30am

    Photo of Mark Schindler
    Mark Schindler

    Senior Driver Program Manager, OrderUp (from Groupon)

    Mark Schindler is currently the Senior Driver Program Manager at OrderUp (from Groupon). He sits in a hybrid role between the operations, product, and data science teams, and is responsible for building and maintaining robust analytical frameworks for decision-making, identifying strategic and operational weaknesses to help improve or innovate new processes, and developing queries and data analysis to deep-dive into challenges and opportunities that the company faces. Prior to his current position he was most recently the Driver Experience Manager, and before that the local Delivery Operations Manager in Towson.

    In addition to his responsibilities at OrderUp, Mark has recently begun mentoring and consulting with startups regarding their "data roadmap" and three main areas of focus:

    • User behavior analysis - bridging the gap between the ideal UX and the reality UX of a product by using data / examining how to nudge users towards more ideal behaviors by looking at the data
    • Reporting QA - asking (defining) the right questions, and then answering them in valid and reliable ways / applying traditional research methods to reporting and metrics
    • Data management - identifying how to get good data, organize it, store it, use it, report on it / when and how build a data team

    He has worked with OnboardIQ (hiring platform) and Corevity (health community app) among others, and is always excited to meet new companies. Mark's background is in the social sciences, with a strong focus on behavioral science and research methods. He has a BA in Psychology (with honors) from Wesleyan University in Connecticut, as well as an M.Ed. in Leadership from The College of William and Mary in Virginia. He's a Baltimore native who currently lives with his wife and two children

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