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Designing for Bodies in Space: UX Tools for Virtual + Augmented Reality

Are you working in VR/AR or 3D Printing? Are you struggling to adapt to designing from a 1st person movement perspective? Are your UX tests lagging for failure to adapt to VR/AR sensing? This workshop will guide you through a series of exercises to improve your ability to design with movement in mind.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to apply the art and science of Spatial Intelligence and Perform Your Prototyping needed for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality coding and content development.
    • Spatial Intelligence: a key set of perceptual skills, an archive of personal memory, a system of human movement and proxemic motifs
    • Perform Your Prototyping: a system of iterative prototyping that puts the body back into UX design

Is This for Me?

This workshop arms you with two of the single most important UX tools you will need for designing for VR / AR products. If you are a Content or Platform developer this is a must attend session.

Things to Bring

  • A project you are currently working on that needs UX design input


This workshop will be hosted at Betamore’s City Garage Campus located at: 101 W. Dickman Street, Baltimore, MD 21230. There is free parking available on site.


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    Thu, Nov 2nd


    Photo of M. A. Greenstein, Ph.D., R.Y.T.
    M. A. Greenstein, Ph.D., R.Y.T.

    Co-Founder and Chief Research and Incubation Officer at RotoLab

    M A Greenstein an internationally recognized design researcher, author and brand architect who specializes in bodies in space analysis for R & D.  A veteran of start up culture, Dr. Greenstein has founded print and online arts and design magazines and three company brands dedicated improving quality of life and learning. Today she is a Special Advisor to the Future of Work Initiative organized by the Sundance and Kauffman Foundations with the World Building Institute.  A former Fulbright Scholar, and future trends watcher, Dr. Greenstein a long standing member in the Los Angeles and AsiaPacific design, tech, science research and mentor community and remains on faculty at ArtCenter College Design.

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