Betamore was co-founded in 2012 by Greg Cangialosi, Mike Brenner & Sean Lane. Their collective vision was to help to develop Baltimore into a global hub for entrepreneurship and education for the twenty first century.

Betamore was originally formed as a for-profit entity and after 2 years in operation, it became clear that changing to a non-profit (501(c)(3)) was the right direction to go in order to give Betamore the best chance to realize its full potential.

In January 2015 Betamore became a 501(c)(3) by merging with the former Greater Baltimore Technology Council. The co-founders of Betamore donated the facility and all of its assets to the 501(c)(3).

Through initial founding partnership grants by the Abell Foundation, France-Merrick Foundation, T-Rowe Price Foundation & DBED (Dept of Business & Economic Development), Betamore is now serving not only the community of its members in its physical campus, but the larger community in Baltimore and beyond.

Our Team

Jen Meyer

Jen Meyer


Michele Farquharson

Michele Farquharson

Director of Education

Ali Lord

Ali Lord

Community Manager

Board of Directors

Greg Cangialosi

Greg Cangialosi (Chairman)

Co-Founder, Betamore
CEO, MissionTix

Steve Pennington

Managing Director, Department of Commerce

Tim Hodge

Tim Hodge

Principal, Miles & Stockbridge

Damian Rintelmann

Damian Rintelmann (Immediate Past Chair)

Senior VP of Digital Strategy, 5Loom

John Cammack

John Cammack

Managing Partner, Cammack Associates

Rob Rosenbaum

Rob Rosenbaum

Adjunct Professor at University of Baltimore

Fagan Harris

CEO, Baltimore Corps


Carol Sholes

Executive Consultant


John Wasilisin

President/COO, TEDCO